Every summer, TRC hosts a monthly competition from May to August for a total of four essays. Multiple questions or topics for each month are suggested, but only one question or enquiry per essay is permitted.

Each month has a $25 prize and multiple entries are allowed. Only one winner each month.

Requirements: 800-1000 words, size 14 font, Georgia, in Microsoft Word format. The best essay will ideally draw from literature, theology, philosophy, poetry and history. Deadline for each essay is the last day of the month, or until a winner is selected. If only one submission exists by end of month, said submission is winner by default. Winners must submit a brief professional biography and profile photo since these essays will be published on TRC.

Contact [email protected] with questions or submissions.

May: Christianity and Art

  • Is there an objective standard to art, according to a Christian worldview?
  • Francis Schaeffer’s view on art and worldview.
  • Hans Rookmaaker’s view of art and worldview.
  • What is art?

June: Christianity and Conservatism

  • History of Christianity and Conservatism.
  • Is Christianity Conservative?
  • What is a false Conservatism?
  • How has Christian Conservatism failed?

July: Home and Community

  • What is a Biblical view of home and community, as pilgrims passing through?
  • How do we build and rebuild community in a fallen world?
  • How has the Fall of Man destroyed our home and Christ restored it?

August: Christianity and Feedom

  • How does the Bible define freedom?
  • A Christian view of freedom vs a Secular view of freedom.
  • The limits of freedom.
  • What causes freedom to be orderly?
  • Does extreme liberty always lead to extreme tyranny?