“Reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting.” 
― Edmund Burke

Harmony of Interest and Authoritarianism

For centuries Western nations have prized a social structure which places heavy emphasis on harmony of interest. High levels of social concord have given way to de-centralization of power structures and increased personal liberty.

2021 Reading List to Rebuild Civilization

Rebuilding civilization will be a project soon halted without literature, academics, and history. This list is curated to inspire and encourage, to critique and to sharpen.

Disobedience as Ritual Magic

Man, being now in a fallen state, is at enmity with this natural order of things and seeks to suppress the glory of God. In his rebellious state man seeks unnatural means to an unnatural end. But since this world belongs to God, He alone may determine the terms of its right and proper use.

American Conservatism in Hospice Care

The concept of “freedom” to many ostensible Conservatives today has nothing to do with virtue or the wisdom of tradition, but everything to do with soft, self-perpetuating libertinism.

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