All of us, deep down, desire to leave a mark on society and to impact the next generation.

Rich people donate their estates to a charity. Professional athletes work their bodies into the ground to win Superbowls and National Championships–only to be forgotten a few years later. Philosophers steal the minds of the youth to transform society into a reckless, egotistical ruin. All of these people wanting to leave behind a legacy. What is disturbing is when someone believes something their whole life only to have their entire framework in shambles hours before their death. Thinking what goes through the mind of an atheist on their death bed is sobering, pitiful, and heartbreaking. Atheism’s only hope is nothing. It’s end is meaningless and pointless which unveils Atheism’s archenemy: death.

No one desires their life to not have meaning-those who think their lives are meaningless typically commit suicide. Many times, they commit suicide because of the desire to have meaning, to live for something greater. All of this cannot be accomplished through atheism’s system.

Ravi Zacharias in his book, The Real Face of Atheism, mentions three things that death severs:

  • Relationships
  • Justice
  • Hope


There is a sense of finality with death. Earthly speaking, we will not see a particular loved one again. My uncle recently passed away. While I live across the country from my family, I mourn with my family at the loss of a beloved uncle. I will never see him again this side of heaven. Death severed that relationship. Here is the difference between the two religions: There is hope within a Biblical worldview and there is not a shred of hope within Atheism, which leads to the injustice that occurs within this framework.


We look at the mass murderers, serial rapists, and genocide producers and think that ‘death is too good for them.’ Humanly speaking, death does not do justice to the pain evil causes. But with the True Judge, true justice will be accomplished. In the mind of an atheist, death severs justice. There is no true justice because Atheism can’t deal with evil, leaving the response as silent as the cold grave.

“Hope is that indispensable element that makes the present so important.”

                -Ravi Zacharias


Atheism nails its own coffin shut from the inside. After killing God, it is left with nothing to live for, no moral groundings, no purpose, and no hope beyond death. Thanks to naturalism, the last fifty years have left the generations with no innocence, no authority, no love, no hope, no reasoning, and no answers. As Ravi Zacharias has asked, “How do you reach a generation that listens with its eyes and thinks with its feelings?” Our society has dug its grave.

And yet, Eternity is on hearts. This is why people want to have a park named after them and impact the next generation. Originally, we weren’t meant to die, and now that we do, we have a drive on our hearts to make a difference because our life is a vapor. We don’t want to leave this world without making an impact. People can champion atheism all day long, but when the grave starts being dug, the practically of atheism goes out the window. It is only within the Biblical worldview that we can have hope beyond the grave. Because of this, one can truly leave an impact on the next generation.

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