Disobedience as Ritual Magic

2020-12-28T19:55:49-05:00By |Conservatism|

Man, being now in a fallen state, is at enmity with this natural order of things and seeks to suppress the glory of God. In his rebellious state man seeks unnatural means to an unnatural end. But since this world belongs to God, He alone may determine the terms of its right and proper use.

What is the Revolution?

2020-12-04T16:09:29-05:00By |Conservatism|

The Revolution is essentially an epistemic rebellion against the authority and will of God. This epistemic rebellion was rightly identified by our conservative fathers as the soul of the Revolution underlying all its socio-political manifestations.

What is the Common Good?

2020-12-04T19:28:53-05:00By |Conservatism|

We cannot say that what is good for the individual or the community is devoid of moral content. And moral content is determined by God’s decree, be it a direct command from God, or an eternal decree regarding the purpose of man, which is to glorify God and enjoy Him for eternity.

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