The Postmodern Religion

2020-09-07T17:15:11-04:00By |Liberalism, Postmodernism|

A mind transformed by a Biblical worldview understands the importance of the Reformed doctrines of grace and the five solas. As David Wells pointed out, “It is not the (post)modern culture that should be telling it what to think. The principle here is sola Scriptura, not sola cultura.”

Confounding the Postmodern Mind

2019-10-29T23:44:20-04:00By |Postmodernism|

Christians dare not succumb to either rationalism or relativism; rather, because of our mind’s limits and our sins, we must be dependent on revelation. The Word of God breaks into our narrow, human minds with God’s judgment and His grace, confounding both the modernists and the postmodernists.

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