But it’s Christian Liberty – Female Combatant Series

This series is to answer the objections that people have to support the unBiblical notion that it is acceptable for women to be in the military and police force. This series is, in fact, the first chapter of my new and upcoming book.

3. But it is your Christian freedom or liberty to be a policewoman, and you should exercise those rights!

Is a woman in combat truly a matter of Christian Liberty? Why is it that in the past 50 years we have stopped looking at men as cowards for letting women fight in their place? So many times in the past when men have seen women out of their place, the men will say, “Go home where you belong.” Were they wrong for saying this? Were the men looking at this subject as a matter of Christian liberty or because they saw the harmful effects of women being out of their place? Were they doing their God-given job of protecting women?

We have the “liberty” to listen to music and watch movies. Does this mean that we should constantly listen to music about disobeying authorities, killing people, being a whore, and a woman being a ruler over her husband? Or watching movies that have explicit sex scenes, and foul language just because it is our “Christian Liberty?” Shouldn’t we be more focused on what is Godly? (Phil 4:8) We as Christians are telling a story with our lives. How much more important is it that we represent the gospel with our lives rather than the world?

John McArthur gave a sermon on Christian liberty* and one of the most important aspects of what he explained was summed up into one word: Motive. Being restrained by one Person: The Holy Spirit or “Restrainer” as it is translated in 2 Thessalonians 2. What is a woman’s motive for going into combat? Why is she there? Please respond to this post if you have a motive for women volunteering for combat that is NOT unbiblical.

So with this in mind, I believe that a woman voluntarily going into combat is not a matter of liberty. It is a matter of rebellion based on her motive and circumstance. Let us strive to be pleasing to God as men and women. Fulfilling the duties and responsibilities He gave us. Any woman who strives to please God whole heartedly with her life will not….will not end up in combat voluntarily. Because this is not what God intended for women.


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