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Last week we took a look at women wearing head coverings in corporate worship. We explored what a head covering is, why they are worn in church, and why the practice has almost become obsolete. This week, I hope to finish this two part series and explain why I wear a head covering during corporate worship.

The main passage we will consider is 1 Corinthians 11:2-16:

There are five main reasons why I wear a head covering during corporate worship.

  • Commanded by the Holy Spirit through Paul
  • Rooted in creation
  • Worn for the sake of angels
  • Shown as an outward symbol of the submission to my husband
  • Was a common church practice up until the last 100 years

The word tradition in verse two means that it is a teaching given by God Himself. It is not a man-made tradition that burdens God’s people like the ones that the Pharisees imposed on Jews in the first century. Head coverings should be practiced today because God Himself has commanded it.


The second reason I wear a head covering during corporate worship is because the reasoning Paul gives to the church at Corinth is rooted in creation. An argument against head coverings is because it was cultural to wear a covering. I understand that we do need to look at the context in which the Word was written. However, when creation is the reasoning, clearly it transcends all time and culture. This applies to mankind as a whole, not individual peoples and cultures. If creation does not trump culture then women should be allowed to be pastors and wives should not submit to their husbands; for all these arguments are rooted in creation.

“For man was not made from woman, but woman from man…” refers to what? Creation. Creation is binding for all time and all culture.


Because of the angels.” No one knows for sure what this is in reference to, but according to Rev. Klock, most commentators think it means that angels watch over the saints during worship services and we would not want to give offense to the angels for not following the Lord’s commands. But suppose this is incorrect, if it is “because of the angels” then the command is still not cultural because angels are not bound by culture. We don’t say that angels no longer exist today, as if angels only existed 2000 years ago, in ancient Israel. Angels still exist today, so we still should cover our heads.


The fourth reason I believe that head coverings still apply today is to show an outward symbol that I am in submission to my husband. Submission is actually a beautiful thing, we see it in the Trinity, with our Lord submitting his will to the Father’s. It’s interesting how in the 1960’s women stopped wearing head coverings the same time they started burning bras. Which leads to the final point.

Historical Consensus

The last reason I will mention why I wear a head covering in corporate worship is because for the past 1,900 years, the church taught this and practiced this. Dr. R.C. Sproul states this a major reason why he endorses head coverings. Why is it, that when feminism began to creep into the church this practiced has slowly dwindled away? We as Christians have church history to provide a bit of wisdom in our interpretation and understanding of the Scriptures. Do we really want to be hasty and quick to say that the past 2000 years of Christians got it wrong?

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