What do you do when dealing with chauvinists? There are all different kinds, but its the male chauvinist today that is causing the most trouble. As always, we want to interact with people in a loving and generous sort of way, a way that points them to Christ.


There is a time for war and a time for peace, a time for all things. Sometimes we do need to be harsh, but how do we know when? Wisdom and discernment is what allows us to know. I suppose you probably feel like that’s not too helpful. But the great news is, the Lord provides liberally, more then we can ask, so ask for wisdom and discernment!


In general, simply pointing out how unloving and ungodly male chauvinism is, is one of the best ways. We (usually) don’t want to just bash people across the head. An example would be, if appropriate, pointing out the importance and inherent value in beauty. Many male chauvinists today believe that strength is of great value and importance, but that beauty is just stupid and a waste of time, its inferior to strength. But God the Creator, made the snowflake, each and everyone, special and beautiful. There is no purpose, no use, just beauty. How can we as Christians sit there and look down on women for being the fairer sex instead of the stronger sex, when God made them that way?


And yet, that is exactly what happens. Sometimes so much so, that some women will not even want to be a woman. This is a natural by product, a common result, in a society that has no appreciation for women, womanhood, and beauty. Many male chauvinists believe that making a paycheck is more important then making a home; that trying to find a cure for cancer is more noble then raising your own kids. So in this kind of world, how can a woman flourish? Why would she not feel oppressed? Why would there not be a hint of jealousy or self pity? Explaining the impacts that male chauvinism has on our daughters is another wonderful way of helping people to see things differently.


But remember, though male chauvinism, and female chauvinism too, are sinful attitudes and ways of thinking, we must be like Steven the martyr. When he was being murdered by the Jews, he asked God to forgive them, for they did not know what they were doing. This may be hard and difficult, no doubt, but it is indeed truly the love that we ought to strive to emulate. This is the same love that we have been loved with, so how can we not give like wise to others? People who are guilty of being chauvinists need to be loved and nurtured, just like you and I. Do not shun them, hate them, or despise them. Doing so will make your task all the more difficult. The more we come to know and understand people, the better we can minister to them.