Gender Stereotype an Instinct?

The Bible condones stereotypes. Logic demands it. But in this day and age, to do so would be what Roman Catholics call a mortal sin — or so our culture seems to believe. However, there is truth to generalizations (stereotypes). Gender stereotypes have been around for literally ages. But this is the 21st Century and all stereotypes, including ones of gender, must be exposed as ‘oppression.’ There is just one little problem: Society won’t give up this a particular gender stereotype as Harvard is finding out in a study on divorce.

This study looked at how factors like work, income, and marital stability contribute to divorce. Surprisingly, it shows that society refuses to give up the gender based ‘stereotype’ that men should be the breadwinners in their households.

This study cited that divorce rates were higher when men were not employed full time.

Why won’t society give up the notion that men should bring home the bacon? Divorces have increased because women have full-time jobs, says Harvard. The study claimed, “When all marriage cohorts are pooled, wives’ full-time employment is positively and statistically significantly associated with the risk of divorce.”

Women as homemakers is anathema to the Feminist Creed. In their Declaration of Sentiments given in 1848, leaders such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton spread the slander that men have oppressed women by making them dependent. In the 1960’s, Betty Friedan writing in The Feminist Mystique, encouraged women to seek work outside the home; making them supposedly independent. Ironically, most women are now dependent on the state and welfare. Some independence that is. 

The results have ended up in unhappy women and and lots of divorce. 

Women value relationships and personal activities more than they do their jobs. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex, and Feminism cited a Pew Research study showing that 66% of women would rather be at home with their families than in a career. Who would of thought that women as a whole, don’t want careers? 

Women have equality now but they aren’t happy and their family’s are now broken. If they have a family. 

Lobbyists will strive to make these difficulties easier for women by paying for daycare and giving them longer maternity leave, but this doesn’t fix the problem. It is a lousy bandaid. Men and women are different. Both sexes have innate inclinations and beliefs that can have no other explanation except God. God designed us different. He designed men to work, provide, and protect their families. He also gave women the desire to expect men to do just that. It took a Harvard study to show the world what Christians already know. 

Conversely, men desire women to nurture their families. Sadly, they can’t say this out loud. A woman can divorce a man because he doesn’t have a job and the world applauds her for ‘being strong.’ A man divorces his wife for having a job he gets shamed as weak or a male chauvinist pig. Double standards much? 

So, when society won’t give up its gender stereotyping instinct, what do they do? They divorce and try again. Let us all be happy and satisfied. We can’t have a perfect world, but let’s get close and start with where we as humans find our ultimate satisfaction; in where God designed us to thrive in our own stereotypical bubble.

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