But God Gifted You – Female Combatant Series

This series is to answer the objections that people have to support the unBiblical notion that it is acceptable for women to be in the military and combat. This series is, in fact, the first chapter of my new and upcoming book.

2. God gifted you for combat and masculine roles, things like leadership.

This is a scary question to me. When someone uses this type of logic for justifying what they will do, the following flows with that logic: If a woman is gifted in preaching and teaching, shouldn’t she therefore become a pastor? If a wife is “better” at leading than her husband, shouldn’t she then be the leader of the home and take the responsibility from her husband? I hope you see what is trying to be communicated. Just because someone is gifted with a particular set of skills does not make them qualified or called for the job. This view is selfish and egotistical.

Who’s role is it to be the leader, protector, and provider? When I go and strive to be a leader who leads men I am stepping on a man’s calling. When I go and learn how to fight MMA style, lift weights, and cultivate the protector’s mentality I am stepping on the man’s calling because he was called to protect me, my family, and society. Not me protecting myself and others. I am not saying that women should not take self defense classes. There is difference between defense and offense. There is a difference between a woman learning to shoot a gun just in case she needs too, and a woman becoming a Navy Seal.

Just because it seems like God has gifted a woman for masculine roles, does not mean that she should cultivate those gifts and seek these particular professions out. Just because someone has a gift for stealing does not mean that they should cultivate their gift and to practice it.

When a woman seeks out the masculine roles and responsibilities, what is going on in her heart? What is she communicating to the world? I can tell you from my own heart, it’s not good. There could be pride, need for power and authority, need to be in control, or arrogance, in thinking she could do a better job at being a man than an actual man. I am reminded of a story about a liberal feminist who took charge in being the leader, forced her husband to be the stay at home dad, she was the one who “wore the pants.” She ended up not respecting her husband because she was more of a man than him.

Another result of women who follow down the path of cultivating her masculine roles and tendencies (intentionally or not) is that she will at some point, and to a certain extent, feel like she does not need a man. She can do everything a man can do so what is the point in needing a man? She is independent of a man. Some say, “What’s wrong with that?” This just goes to show how steeped we are in feminism. Women characteristically are more afraid, timid, weak, and cowardly. There is nothing wrong with that. The knight in shining armor is not a thing of the past. Men want to be the knights in shining armor for women; and this is meant to represent the gospel. When we are taking that from them, we are not letting them be men. We are not being feminine, we are destroying both masculine and feminine. Most importantly we are not representing the Gospel. We are telling a story with our lives. As a proclaimed Christ follower, we have people watching us. They see our story unfold. Are they seeing a husband and wife who properly portray Christ and His Church? Or do they see the Church leading Christ, the Church protecting and providing for Christ? Just because a man or woman could be seemingly gifted in the opposite sexes role does not mean they therefore need to cultivate it and live it out. That is like saying, “But my boy is so gifted at beauty pageants because God gifted him in that arena. I don’t want to oppress his God given ability of being a beautiful princess.” This whole objection is asinine.

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