We have discussed previously that we as humans are distorted because of sin. We need to be fixed or another way to put it would be redeemed. Everything about our lives are distorted. Our being, thought processes, relationships, behaviors, and attitudes. We need a Savior and Jesus Christ is the only One who can save us.
Through Christ, we can be fixed in our distortions. One distortion I would like to talk about is ‘Girls gone bad.’ As a woman who is distorted and is being fixed (sanctified) daily, I know this from personal experience in my own past.
I have learned from men, about men, that that (in general) men want to be the ‘knights in shining armor.’ This is a natural aspect that God put in men’s souls. Men want to be the “Mr. Fix-Its.” Men want to come to the rescue for women. They want to be the providers and provide for their families. More importantly though, is that God has designed them this way. “Real Men” is what I like to call them. Not a man who shirks his responsibilities, makes excuses, and shies away from life’s difficult paths.
These men want to protect, nurture, and cherish their families. A distortion that women possess and need to be aware of is this: When we as women don’t think need men, or perhaps, not even want men, to be the knights in shining armor, the Mr. Fix-its, providers, and protectors. When we do this, we are castrating men, oppressing their God given nature, and potential. We are not letting men be men because God has designed them to be this way. God has placed these responsibilities on their shoulders. When men shirk from their God-given responsibility, they are wrong. When women take the responsibility from men, they are, usually, also wrong.
*Girls have gone bad when they have taken the role upon themselves to be men. I am talking about the curse in Genesis–when the first distortions began. Genesis 3:16, “Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” This verse, in a nutshell, means that women will want the place and position of their husbands (men). Women will want to be the ones in charge with the ultimate authority and control. Women will want to have the glory of their husbands. Because of the curse men will want to not be responsible for their families or be too harsh with their families.
You might ask, “What’s the big deal? What if I like it when my wife takes charge and I just do what she says. What if it works out, that there are two providers and we share equal authority?” This is men not taking responsibility and women wanting control and authority.

Gender role reversal and gender role confusion will lead to male and female chauvinism. There will be more hatred of women and more hatred of men because of confusing these very important roles. When parents create boundaries for their kids is it because they hate them or love them? When parents protect their children from harm is it because they hate them or love them? When God creates boundaries for men and women is it because He knows what He is doing and He knows what the best case scenario for everyone is? Of course. Men thrive when they are men–protectors, leaders, providers, spiritual heads. Women thrive when they are women–submissive, followers, care givers, house managers. Not the other way around.
Here is an example that might help:
Women in the Military: When a wife/mother goes off to war, who takes care of the family? Who has to quit their job because they don’t want their children to go into a daycare? Who is supporting who? The woman is supporting, protecting, providing, and putting herself in harms way. Twelve months away from the family. Eighteen months away from the family at times even. What is this doing to the man? He is forced to be support….not the woman to her husband. Was Adam created for Eve? or Eve created for Adam? The woman is taking on man’s responsibility. The man is letting her–shirking his responsibility to protect, provide etc.
When both men and women fight against the characteristics laid out in the Bible that distinguishes men from women, I can safely bet that they are struggling with sin. The first one being pride. If you do struggle with this, examine your heart and seek to ask for God’s forgiveness and for Him to show you where you lack in your responsibilities as men and women. Please share your comments and your experiences.
*I am not talking about women who have no other choice in the matter (single moms, abandoned women, moms who are home while husbands away [deployments, work, etc].