Conservatism is a mindset that understands the good, true, and beautiful in society needs vigilant guarding and protection. 2000 years ago, the writers of Scripture commissioned the people of God to guard the gospel and pass it down.

Yet not the gospel alone, but all that is good must be protected.

Fallen man is self-destructive; calling good evil and evil good. Therefore, it is the task of the conservative to preserve what he can. In the modern context, this debate extends as far back as the British Parliamentarian, Edmund Burke.

He understood that the spirit of the age was willing to jettison many good things that Providence had passed to the generation of the living, while vainly searching for utopian justice. He set pen to paper, therefore, to warn his generation.

It was the following generation that has benefited the most. The succeeding generations have followed his warning.

That line traces through Groen van Prinsterer, Friedrich Julius Stahl, Abraham Kuyper, Herman Bavinck, J. Gresham Machen, and Francis Schaeffer.

We continue that lineage.

Edmund Burke

Edmund Burke

English Parliamentarian

Friedrich J Stahl

German legal theorist

Groen van Prinsterer

Dutch Parliamentarian

Herman Bavinck

Dutch Theologian