“Controversy for its own sake is a sin.
But controversy for the sake of the truth is a divine mandate.”
-Walter Martin


Many people get all angry and spiteful at the idea that they cannot have their sin. Many people think that they should be allowed to do whatever they want, and that any idea contrary is ‘unloving’ and ‘oppressive’. Usually these people are attempting to manipulate others in the exact same way that a little child in Wal-Mart is throwing a temper tantrum to get what he wants is manipulating his parents. Spoiled brats.


Joe Dallas was a man who used to be gay, for those out there who think they might be ‘born’ that way, because of genes, Joe Dallas has repented of this sin. He is not the first nor the last. He offers several key points that we as Christians need to keep in mind in regards to helping and ministering the people guilty of homosexuality in this generation. They are listed briefly, and in my own words, as follows:


1. The Church is, as always, to repent of it’s sins, first and foremost.

2. This includes hostility towards homosexuals, who are, in the end, just as deserving hell as all of us.

3. The church is also to repent of being intimidated by supposed ‘gay rights’ and the pro gay movement, that we may call judgment upon evil, as we as a Church are called to do.


Joe Dallas has written a good number of books for those who are struggling with homosexuality and sexual purity in general. I must say personally, his Game Plan book was not the most helpful for me. But I pray that it may prove to be helpful to others. As a man who has been changed by the gospel, by the Word of Christ, we can see in him evidence that the sacred Scriptures truly are living and effective, sharper than any double edged sword. Check out his article that I have  based this post off of below:




Joe has several books for those in who struggle with homosexuality, or those who are wanting to better understand and help out those who struggle with this sin. Several books are recommended below.


The Complete Christian Guide to Understanding Homosexuality: A Biblical and Compassionate Response to Same-Sex Attraction

When Homosexuality Hits Home: What to Do When a Loved One Says They’re Gay

The Gay Gospel?: How Pro-Gay Advocates Misread the Bible