Why does disagreeing equal hate? Why does judging necessitate lack of love? Why does truth telling receive condemnation and lying placed on a pedestal? Post modernism has ruined our culture because everyone is right in their own eyes. Anyone can make a judgment and they are correct and anyone who disagrees is unloving, narrow minded, and is looking down their nose at others. People are rejecting truth because they reject the Creator (Rom. 1:25). Anytime a society shows a decline in morality, it is a rejection of God and his truth. Here is the question; is there real truth?


Our society cannot continue long with the worldview that there is no objective morality, no objective truth. Objective morality means that there is a definitive right and wrong ie: Stealing a purse is wrong. Murdering your neighbor is wrong. What we have in our culture is relative morality. Relative morality means that nothing is absolute ie: What I prefer is right, and what I don’t like is wrong. We all get to decide what is right. God said something about that; Judges 21:25. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes. Those where days of chaos, just like today.


“The basic definition of absolute morality is that there is some set of moral rules which are absolute and universal. Relative morality takes the other stance: that morals are not absolute; they depend on the situation.”


Since no religion in history has every agreed on a set of absolute morals, and even members of the same religion often disagree as well, we think that the concept of absolute morality is useless. Relative morality simply takes the stance that no single set of moral rules can possibly account for every situation. Instead, moral decisions should be made rationally, taking into account the consequences of each potential choice.


And yet, it’s funny, if you steal the purse of a feminist, she’ll lecture you for hours about how you should be ashamed for oppressing her, taking advantage and abusing her. She appeals to morality. But if I decide what is right and wrong, there is no real standard, what does it matter? We are all just pieces of matter bumping into other pieces of matter. All that is, is energy and mass. If a bullet or a fist hits someone, there is no wrong. Besides, people don’t have souls. Says most of the people today.


These people are self-referentially absurd; veritable hypocrites. They will claim that we are products of a long process coming from slime and mud, therefore morality is just a cultural convenience. But then they will get irate when they see children systematically murdered on the 6 O’ clock news. This is behavioral inconsistency. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, you know. Only those with objective moral standards are the ones who do not drift aimlessly through space, with no idea what is the right answer.


People today would rather bully you into silence for speaking about morality, then letting you speak truth about what they are doing wrong. Yet, what they are doing is oppression. They accuse us of being unloving and offensive, as if the worse sin is to ‘offend’. It is not wrong to offend someone. It is only wrong to unnecessarily offend someone. If you are offended by this, you are wrong.