When atheism abandons intelligent design, it will have to struggle to find the essence and purpose of man. The world in which we now live is called the great experiment, for, no society has ever attempted (and survived) to live without some type of deity or higher authority.

There has always been an obligation or ‘oughtness’ to good members of societies. Within the framework of oughtness comes with the idea of purpose. Purpose and that ‘oughtness’ cannot be separated, and, when they attempts are made to separate, what is met is disharmony of society, individuals, and eventually will lead to anarchy.

Here is the problem, within atheism’s self caused universe, there can be no such thing as morality. The individual is the highest authority. When everyone asserts their own personal morality, there is nothing refraining individuals from doing whatever they please.

Friedrich Nietzsche condemned the Christian ethic as seen with helping the poor in the Sermon on Mount and he says that a society living like this is controlled by “losers.” Our society is hacking away at the foundations of morality—only to erect a paper skyscraper of human autonomy.

We are the first civilization in English historian Arnold Toynbee’s history that, societally speaking, have not married moral law/instruction together with our children’s education. Even the societies that did not claim a specific God still had a strong moral framework that permeated within it’s citizens.

Society is in the process of rewriting the rules.

1. Pragmatism has replaced duty and honor.

2. Expressing one’s self has replaced a higher authority.

3. Doing good has morphed into feeling good.

4. Collectivism has been trampled by the sole of individualism.

5. Facts have turned to preference.

“Honor, truth, and morality have been sacrificed at the alter of autonomy and self-worship.” -Ravi Zaacharias

Today’s mantra is “Autonomy at any cost.” In this emotionally driven world, the people don’t know exactly what they are asking for. It sounds great if you are on the winning side. Just like the German’s in WWII—thinking they were glad they weren’t Jews.

To conclude, the purpose of man has been stripped apart from what man ought to do. If the purpose of man is meaningless (evolution), it follows that there should be no oughtness to man. Man ought not to do good to his fellow man. Man ought not to love his neighbor and be compassionate. Friedrich Nietzsche’s superman is in direct opposition to this. Only the strong should survive. The weak should be annihilated. Anarchy is the next step. Such is the path of atheism and laws within a lawless mindset doesn’t make sense. No purpose, no oughtness—utter hopelessness.