Male Chauvinism is the Devil

Or actually, the Devil is a male chauvinist. And a misogynist.

Satan is the father of chaos, our God we serve is not a God of chaos, but of order and peace.

Look at the garden of Eden, where Satan shows up for the first time, and succeeds in creating confusion. He asks ‘Did God say?’; that little bit of confusion sent the whole world into chaos and curse.

God has a plan, and Satan’s basic goal is to try to get the complete opposite to come about. That is why homosexuality is a perversion of the devil. It is the complete opposite of what God had planned.

Likewise, we see that wherever Satan goes he tries to create confusion, chaos, and the opposite of what God wants.

God had a plan for men and women, to represent Him and His image. But Satan wants to switch things around. Create a little confusion. To make men like women, and women; men. Let the woman bare man’s image of God and the man bare the woman’s image of God. Switch roles, switch jobs, switch places in the created order.

Husbands submitting to wives, men trying to be beautiful flowers, women being the providers while men stay at home taking care of the babies and running the household. This is all the grand scheme of our great enemy. Satan hates women. He hates men. He wants to destroy womanhood. Male Chauvinism is the Devil.

Let us take a look at the Devil’s gospel: the gospel of Thomas.

Simon Peter says to them: “Let Mary go out from our midst, for women are not worthy of life!” Jesus says: “See, I will draw her so as to make her male so that she also may become a living spirit like you males. For every woman who has become male will enter the Kingdom of heaven.” [114].

This was not written by the Holy Spirit, this is a false gospel. This is the hatred of the devil, this is his plan. He wants to masquerade like an angel of light. But his intentions are evil.

His plan is to destroy womanhood, and to turn women into men, God made women just fine when He made them. Women do not need to be brave, strong, leaders, or providers. That is the image that the Lord gave to men to bare. But, to women it’s beauty, gentleness, life-givers, and homemakers. The devil wanted to convince people that women need to be men, so he made a fake gospel. Now, roughly 2000 years later, the devil is still telling the same lies.

Women need to be just as strong as men. Submission is inferior. A woman needs a job to be successful. Taking care of kids and tending a home is lame and not important. Life would be better as a man. Men get to have all the fun. Oh, watch out, the devil is knocking at our door. Do not listen, but listen to Christ!


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