Moral Argument for Free Enterprise

All societies are built on principals of morality. Therefore, we live in a society that was founded on moral principles. With the rise of the “equality movement,”we are drifting toward the tip of an iceberg called Statism, the only systematic way to ensure that everyone is equally poor. Increasingly, it is becoming more difficult to argue that statism is morally wrong. Proponents of free enterprise will get caught in arguments leading towards materialism. From the materialism to morals, what follows is what Arthur C. Brooks in his book “The Road to Freedom” argues is the moral argument to free enterprise.

Morality and truth have been under attack for centuries. G.F. Hegel and Karl Marx believed that truth can be socially constructed. Within the fight for objective truth is the belief of moral arguments; that something can be morally right or wrong. Albert Mohler wisely wrote, “Without moral judgment there is no truth, and without truth there is no moral judgment.” Deep down, we all know that there are certain rights that humans possess simply because we are humans. Free enterprise is not based on materialism, but on human dignity.

Brooks defines free enterprise as the “system of values and laws that respects private property and limits government, encourages competition and industry, celebrates achievement based on merit, and creates individual opportunity.”

It is because of human dignity that private property should be respected. It is because we are human that we celebrate achievements based on merit.

When revolutions in the Soviet Union and Tunisia broke out, it was not simply because the people were starving and didn’t have nice things. The people were tire dof being treated like cattle. “Dignity before bread” was the Tunisian rebels slogan.

We champion freedom. The freedom to pursue happiness. Free enterprise is free from corporate cronies who are attached to politicians. It is free from being manipulated by politicians. It allows people to flourish based on their hard work with full human dignity. We can earn our success with free enterprise because it is fair. Because of the freedom and hard work of our grandparents, this generation is more prosperous than any other.

Free the people to use their ideas and work hard. Remove the bondage and tyranny of the statist mentality. Big brother doesn’t know the people. To him, the people are simply numbers. As Arthur Brooks has said, “There is only one kind of argument that will shake people awake: a moral one.” The free enterprise system has the superior moral argument.

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