Today, the word “Patriarchy” is a dirty word. We hear from the left that it is oppressive; we hear from the right that it is abused. There are websites across the internet dedicated to the downfall of patriarchy. Funny thing, normally, what the world sees as bad, the Bible sees as good. We see in the Bible that Patriarchy is sprinkled throughout. I would like to show what true Patriarchy is and why so many men and women are actually happier in a patriarchal family; the worldview that so many disdain.

“There has been 6% increase in women staying at home in the past decade as women realize what is more important; family.”

Patriarchy, or simply defined as, “Father Ruled,” is scattered all throughout the Bible. We see in Genesis that God made man first and later created a woman because, “It was not good that man was alone.” God made a beautiful woman to be a helper to the man. This role was designed and instituted by God to display an attribute of Himself. The Hebrew word for “helper” is only used again throughout the Bible in describing God Himself to His people. This is how high and lofty a woman’s calling is. When the woman sinned, God went to Adam first because the Man was the one who was primarily responsible. We see Adam, the man, being the ruler of his house. This is the quintessential prototype of the family.

Moving past creation, the use of covenants and genealogies were centered around the Men/Heads of Households (Gen 35, 36, Ex 6, 1 Chron 4, Matt 1). Yes, we also see that there are women listed in these genealogies (Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Uriah’s wife [Bathsheba], and Mary to name a few). However, everyone knows that the exception to the rule, proves there is a rule. This pattern clearly shows that familial lines transferred through the males. God established his covenants through male representatives; it was to men and their offspring. We struggle thinking this is unfair; it is important to note that this is not unfair. God is not being unjust by putting men in charge. God is not a tyrannical dictator nor is His design for this—because we are created in His image (Gen 1:26-27). If you think God is unfair, just remember, what is fair, is for God to annihilate all mankind, for we have sinned before His Holiness. Every breath we have been given is a gift; this unfairness mentality that is pervasive in this culture is childish, immature, arrogant, and sinful. Rejoice that life isn’t fair!

“Men are 40% more likely than women to be the victim of a violent crime. Patriarchy abuses women is a lie; rape culture is a lie.”

Under a patriarchal family; all of a woman’s needs are taken care of. She is freed up to take care of her precious little ones, instead of needing to worry about where the next meal will come from. When the father dies, the eldest son (typically) takes over his father’s responsibilities. This would have included caring for and protecting, his mother, brothers, sisters, and their families, as well as managing the father’s estate and possessions. In a loving Patriarchal family, the women of the family were under the caring protection of the head of the household. These women were under their responsibility; if there was abuse, the man was ultimately held responsible before God.

Men were designed to be rulers over their households. Women were designed to be man’s helper as he takes dominion. When man fulfills his role, he is satisfied; when woman fulfills her role, she is satisfied. Issues arise when the man or woman is fighting their role; men shirking responsibility or women trying to usurp man’s authority. Because of sin and this cursed world, we have people head butting, creating abuse and oppression. The 21st century mindset is the opposite of this way of living.

The essence of Patriarchy is Biblical. When it is pure and loving, women flourish. A woman is most happy when she is submitting to God, which means submission to his design. Patriarchy is the familial system that is interwoven throughout the entire Bible. It brings purpose to both men and to women. It is a beautiful picture of Christ and His Church—His Bride. What better example to give our children is there than that?