Principle of Variegated Distribution

The careful student of Scripture knows that a division of labor is intrinsic in creation, since it is intrinsic to the working of the Trinitarian God. God the Father decreed salvation, God the Son purchased it, and God the Spirit applies it.

Thus, different roles produce different rewards; Christ’s reward is His Bride and no one else’s. To attempt to redistribute rewards goes against justice as the Godhead understands it.

Therefore, Christians are opposed to intolerant uniformity and deadening egalitarianism to the same degree they rejoice in the variegated blessings and gifts God distributes unevenly. A healthy diversity breaths healthy life into a civilization, therefore the thinking Christian never confuses equality with equity. Equality reigns and rules only in the court of law and before the judgment seat of God. Attempts to force equality elsewhere have always lead to tyrannical abuse, and is besides, inherently unjust.

Lose sight of principles of natural law, so too, a Christian worldview. We lose sight of that, we lose the gospel.

The reason God rejoices in variety and difference, instead of uniformity and equality is because God rejoices in exclusion.

“Deny a fact and that fact will be your master, Russell Kirk explained. These facts of faith are hardly a liability, they are a preserving gift, a catalyst for human flourishing. This is why the devil would rather turn our minds against Biblical principles. “Do you think he is so unskillful in his craft,” John Henry Newman wrote:

…as to ask you openly and plainly to join him in his warfare against the Truth? No; he offers you baits to tempt you. He promises you civil liberty; he promises you equality; he promises you wealth and trade; he promises you a remission of taxes; he promises you reform…He scoffs at times gone by; he scoffs at every institution which reveres them. He prompts you what to say, and then listens to you, and encourages you. He bids you mount aloft. He shows you how to become gods.

Daniel Mason

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Daniel Mason studied theology in his undergrad, and currently pursuing graduate studies, with a particular interest in the Dutch statesman, Groen van Prinsterer. Daniel Mason is the co-founder of The Reformed Conservative.

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