Since the Fall of Mankind, everything has been corrupted and tainted by sin. The Devil enjoys to twist what God has designed. We as Christ followers should be about the business of restoring life to the way God had intended. Like restoring, or making new, as it were, broken relationships. There is beauty brought about when something that is dilapidated has been refurbished and made new again. Does not the Lord take our sinful, dirty natures and sanctify us to new life while cleansing us by the power of His Spirit? So we too should make strides at redeeming the things of life. I want to focus today on redeeming the language.

Recently, I was reading Aristotle and he mentioned a word that I don’t hear or even read very often anymore. It is the word Chastity-or Chaste. I began talking to my husband about this and the word Decadent came up. I thought about the definition and this sentence went through my mind, “I would love some decadent chocolate right now.” My husband let me know that decadent does not mean “delicious” or “out of this world.” So we looked it up in the dictionary and it means, “characterized by or reflecting a state of moral or cultural decline” and “a person who is self-indulgent.” Some synonyms for decadent are, “debauched, depraved, dissolute, degenerate, immoral, profligate, and licentious.” I thought that it was pretty crazy that I thought decadent meant delicious. Where does this come from? Why in the world would anyone want to use the word decadent in this way? Who came up with “Devil’s Food” chocolate cake? It only makes me think of Satan wanting to distort good and twist and pervert the beauty that God has created.

Why has the word “Chaste” all but disappeared from our vocabulary? How come we aren’t celebrating a chaste bride or spurring our young daughters to be chaste? Is this a dirty word? Once again, we have a sinfully perverse society. To be chaste is to be restricted and looked down on. One can’t be free (especially sexually) if there are barriers withholding them from indulgence. It is no wonder that chaste has been repudiated from our vocabulary and decadent is seen as something good and delicious. One of Chaste’s definitions is so beautiful-“free from obscenity; decent.” Every young Christian lady should strive to be chaste—pure, virtuous, unblemished, and faithful. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.

I hope to redeem this word with my little daughter. To teach her the beauty of its meaning and encourage her daily to strive to be chaste. I also hope to redeem language by teaching her more vocabulary including what decadent really means! We should strive to restore life amidst this broken society and to share with others how Christ renews, redeems, and sanctifies our wicked hearts.