Scratch a Feminist; Underneath Lurks a Socialist

Socialism overemphasizes community. This unhealthy emphasis spreads to communal responsibilities, and economic “wealth distribution,” or, stealing from one man to give to another. Everything is cared for by the community, even children. Feminists love…

children being raised by the community, today that would be daycare. That is, if the woman decides she wants to have children, no responsibility is necessary. Feminists believe there are no gender roles, eliminating the need for a mother; ushering in the way for so called “communal responsibilities.” Instead of taking responsibility for your own child, just pawn them off. That’s the godly answer, right? Everyone shares with everyone, you know, the free love thing. It doesn’t matter if you don’t work or are a lazy bum. Everyone is supposedly treated the same (except those who are in power of course). What distinguished the two movements however, was that socialism was more about the society as a whole; feminism more with women exclusively.

Of course, the two movements collided when it came to equality” or inequality. In the minds of both the socialists and feminists, there was inequality with women pertaining to men because women were not allowed to be “socially productive” by working outside the home. Socially productive? Let’s think biblically, or even just logically for a second; if it is true that the family is the bedrock of society and children are the next generation, then being homeward orientated to ensure the next generation is raised right would be the most socially productive work a woman could do. Not go out a get a job for a little cash that will have virtually no impact on the future. But hey, thinking is overrated these days. And equality is a buzz word that has been hijacked by the socialists.

There have been some who have said that Marxism is not feminism. However, socialism (Marxism) is feminist in its concept. Marx’s daughter ideally was a feminists; the only reason she did not get on the feminist bandwagon was because she believed that once socialism was the dominant form of government, feminism would naturally flow out of it and equality between men and women would be achieved. Of course, this really just spells out the demise of a nation, as Soviet Russia was quick to us.

The early feminists were not, if you will, “officially,” a part of the socialist camp due to the different routes they were heading. While they were separate, they did have some of the foundational premises regarding economics, community, egalitarianism, and independence of women from men. These are the reasons that when you scratch a feminist you will have a socialist.

There have been so many people who think they believe one way until they truly see the logical conclusion on where their thoughts lead them. Take the Holocaust for example. The general public would say they would never bull doze over live human beings if a gun was pointed at their head and they were “forced” to do it. They would never kill an innocent life and yet they ardently support abortion. It doesn’t make sense. They don’t understand the logical conclusion to their belief system. My husband once met a raging feminist who was pro-murder. He asked her, “So, you do understand that if my mother listened to all those people who wanted me to be aborted I would not be here?” She seethed, “It is her choice.” She understood the implications of her belief system” and they are abhorrent, detestable, and abominable.

We as Christians must be aware of how these mentalities come about so we can stop them in their tracks; in our own minds and also our children. We must teach them the error of the world’s ways. We must teach them Biblical equality; God has made men and women different for glorious reasons. There is nothing godly or correct about socialism and feminism, and yet, it is deeply pervasive in all our minds. See why here.

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