A Women’s Right to Fight

Faking his birth certificate to join the military in WWII at the ripe old age of 12, Calvin Graham was eager to join the fight. He helped in fire control, but suffered fragmentation wounds; receiving a purple heart and a bronze star. He was discharged after they found out his real age. Apparently, he can do everything a man can do, just as good as one. Why was he held back from his full potential? Nope, he can’t serve. But a woman can.

Many people are are up in arms about human rights violations. Perhaps most of all about the boy-soldiers in Africa. Dictators force a draft upon little boys, and society rightly condemns this act. And yet, these boys will be men, and many of them probably already are. History is replete of boys who God raised up for combat, like David. At least these boys in Africa are more mature and responsible then American boys, who sit at home playing video games all day, whining because the temperature in the room is 76 degrees instead of 77.

Chivalry is the paradox that the more weak something is, the more it deserves to be valued. Christianity has always understood this. This is why feminism does not understand Christianity.

What does it say about a nation that sends its women to fight its wars? At least the African warlords are, by sending boys, doing nothing more than sending a David to fight a Goliath. Though they may not be quite so young, it is a sickening and cowardly act to hide behind a woman, or a group of women, in a time of war.

Refusing to protect a woman is immeasurably worse than refusing to protect a boy. Yet, a culture that sees no fundamental difference between a boy and a girl cannot make such a judgement, nor understand the moral claim when it is made. Men have received a God-given calling, a sacred duty, to protect women. If everybody is upset about sending cute cuddly little boys to war, despite them getting the job done, why are we sending our daughters? They are so much more cute and adorable, for pity’s sake! This is true misogyny. This is true hatred of women; when men willing abdicate the responsibility to protect them.

In 2013 alone, the Pentagon says there has been over 1000 troops who filed for investigations for rape or sexual assault. Another scary statistic is that 15% of women going to the VA from Iraq and Afghanistan are screened positive for military sexual trauma. Why are we putting our daughters in a bad situation? Why are we letting our little girls become the next Jessica Lynch? You wouldn’t let your wife or daughter walk down a alley, at night, in the wrong side of the neighborhood would you?

The only thing worse than a man allowing women and children into combat is a man who is hiding behind them in combat.

Twenty-one year old Mikayla Bragg, Army, was shot to death in a guard tower in Afghanistan. Is this how we protect our daughters? Is this how we stand up and teach our boys to defend women? By standing by and watching them die? I would rather send my 14 yr old boy over to fight, then my 21 yr old daughter. Sure, there will be a lot of disagreement, but only by misogynists and male chauvinists. Anyone convinced a woman has the right to serve, needs to know that sending women to war is worse then the African war-lords sending them boys to war. Furthermore, a woman’s right to fight doesn’t trump my responsibility to protect.

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