The Homosexual Agenda

Between 1990-2000, the sexual revolution hit South Africa like a tsunami, going from a dormant homosexual presence to societal acceptance. The waves of chaos are being felt around the globe.

“Freedom of speech and toleration of dissent are a fruit of Christianity” -Dr. Peter Hammond

The homosexual movement is now no longer satisfied with tolerance and freedom, now they demand approval and conformity. Homosexual advocates desire to transform the fabric of society. Unfortunately, for those who are morally opposed to sodomy, these advocates are intolerant of views opposing their own.

How did the homosexual movement get to where they are now? The following tactics were used in the moral revolution, taken from A Guide to Fighting for Homosexuality:

  • “Make use of symbols which reduce the mainstream’s sense of threat, which lowers its guard”
  • Pose as victims of discrimination
  • Make opponents look as nasty as possible
  • Social constructivism: Redefine family and basic building blocks of society
  • To legislate that the teaching of homosexual behavior as sinful is a crime
  • Redefine marriage
  • The remaining opponents must be “vilified”

In 1970, the APA (American Psychiatric Association) stated in its manual that homosexuality was a mental illness. Due to protests and violent measures of homosexual advocates, by 1973, the manual was changed. Scientific findings did not overturn the manual; political discontent.

Only if the man living in a homosexual lifestyle wants to change, does he need treatment, according to the updated manual. Homosexuality was redefined, not on the basis of scientific research, but by societal pressure. “Intolerance, the censoring of debate, name-calling and intimidation won,” said Hammond. After the passing of this in the manual, 10,000 psychiatrists revealed in a survey that the redefinition was because of intimidation. After the manual was changed, academics, politicians and the media followed in their footsteps.

To show how fickle the public is, in 1950, homosexuals in the media were seen as drag queen child molesters. Once the media began to portray homosexuals in a positive light, with stories of victimization, the public began changing their thoughts and attitudes towards them. A new face of homosexuality was in the public eye.

But who is really the victim?

Heterosexual Chuck McIlhenny was a pastor from San Francisco who dismissed his openly homosexual organist. Because of this, he and his family received death threats, pornographic materials were sent in the mail, their children were stalked, rocks broke their windows, their house and church were vandalized, and in the end, their house was burnt down. Again, we ask, who’s the real victim?

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