As Resurrection Sunday just passed us, it reminds me of how fickle a crowd can be. The Sunday before Christ was crucified, the crowd was hailing Him as the Messiah or the “Anointed One.” Days later, they were screaming out to crucify him. A group of religious leaders got the rally going and the crowd followed.

Our culture in the United States is no different than the Jews were in Jesus’ day. I was browsing Facebook the other day and I found that the television show “Law and Order” was coming out with a pro-vaccine message (Please note: this is not an anti-vax/pro vax article). What I find interesting is that the minority (Hollywood and the like) are dictating values to the masses. I am not saying that Hollywood has it wrong all the time. I am saying though, that a relatively small group of people can have lasting effects on our nation.

The feminists started out small, were looked down on, and had ‘humble’ beginnings. Now, many women are pro feminists and want to be labeled as such. The LGBTQRSTUVWXZ community started out small, looked down on, and had ‘humble beginnings’ yet now-a-days if you disagree with either feminism or gay ‘rights’ you are looked down upon. All started from a few LOUD voices.

In the past, people were taught to think for themselves. They were not swayed by emotion but by reason. Looking at mid twentieth century television advertisements confirms this thought. The advertisements were based on reason not on emotion. The products were sold by use of reasoning and argumentation. In our culture today we have politicians being voted for because of how they look, act, and dress versus what the message is. We have sports team being rooted for based on their outfits and color schemes. We have those who are loud mouthed dictating what is right and wrong—only their assumptions and conclusions are based on emotion and not rationale and lead to illogical conclusions.

The Word of God is where we need to ground ourselves. God is not illogical nor irrational, and because he is our Creator, His Word is our foundation. The Word is our source of truth, our light in the darkness, our compass on the journey

We must base our conclusions on reason not on emotion. As Daniel Mason has said before, “Emotions are not to be trusted but they are not to be ignored either.” Through the Word of God, we need to raise our children to be logical and rationale so they will be able to think through the issues of the next generation and not be swayed by the emotional crowd.