The Problem with Borders

Oikophilia is the love of home, a love of one’s people. Jesus had a special love for the Israelite people. He loved them in all their unique Israelite peculiarities too. He did not weep for other nations, but he wept for his own. We too must love our neighbor.

But in order to love our neighbor, we must make two crucial distinctions.

Immigration is a people going to another country with the intent of assimilating into that country and its culture. America’s first immigrants, when they moved to the United States, they moved with the intention of becoming Americans, of leaving their home countries behind and entering into the civic compact that has defined the United States from its inception.

Migration, however, has no assimilation in view. Rather, migration seeks to maintain the original culture, religion, and social fabric in the midst of the new host country “the establishment of colonies within a foreign culture.

When properly understood, migration is a form of colonialism. The secularists understand this, which is why they support it.

Indeed, migratory colonialism is looked upon approvingly as a form of delayed justice for the centuries of American colonial exploitation. This is the only fair outcome since the West imposed itself upon the rest of the world, these foreign peoples are now returning the favor, colonizing, and extracting wealth from, the host nations.

The second distinction is between justice and mercy. As the late R.C. Sproul reminds us, justice is owed, mercy is not.

Allowing 11 to 20 million people, the size of several small countries, to enter into your own borders is not a matter of justice. It is an act of mercy. As such, no injustice takes place if no mercy is given. If you are thinking that mercy is owed, then what your thinking about is not mercy anymore. 

But then, we must realize that inequality is not an injustice; its a part of God’s plan. This the doctrine of variegated distribution.

The problem with Christians supporting the Left is they support a people that are smart. They support a group that are geniuses. The Left does not care about people. It wants to undermine state sovereignty. It wants to promote reverse colonizing.

No Christian can support the Liberal endgame. That’s the problem with the border issue. It’s not about love, for the Liberal Elites, it’s about power.

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