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Patriotism vs Nationalism

Patriotism is loyalty to one’s nation. It is the love of a place, fellow countrymen, and local practices. Nationalism, on the other hand, can be understood as a belligerent and perverted form of patriotism.

Our Present Need for a Reflective Conservatism

Our present situation urgently requires thinking men, to produce a thinking conservatism, not a reactionary one. And reflective conservatism, indeed, can be produced - as shown by men like Russell Kirk, Abraham Kuyper, Richard Weaver, and Edmund Burke.

What is the Revolution?

The Revolution is essentially an epistemic rebellion against the authority and will of God. This epistemic rebellion was rightly identified by our conservative fathers as the soul of the Revolution underlying all its socio-political manifestations.

An Empty Quiver

On earth, the only truest wealth is life; a quiver of life. What price can be put on the joy of familial ties, paternal affection, or loyal and proud legacies?

The Postmodern Religion

A mind transformed by a Biblical worldview understands the importance of the Reformed doctrines of grace and the five solas. As David Wells pointed out, “It is not the (post)modern culture that should be telling it what to think. The principle here is sola Scriptura, not sola cultura.”

The Power and Beauty of Shame

We often think of shame as being excited by guilt, but that is not often the case. Society rejects shame - a God-given mechanism for our good - as detrimental to self-esteem. Is shame really so bad?

Psychology of Political Witch Hunts

Political witch-hunts follow a basic pattern. Random violence, false accusations, and crimes against a vague collective. These witch-hunts drive the cultural revolution, propelling the injustice of social justice.

The Social Justice War on History

The social justice war on history and the method of historical analysis by modern standards seeks the most uncharitable explanations of actions, is wrong, dangerous, and ultimately denies the goodness and grace of God.

What is Critical Theory?

Critical theory seeks to obliterate differences of status and power since all differences are purely and artificially constructed not by God, but by man. The question remains, "Can critical theory escape its own claims?"

The Problem With Critical Race Theory Pt 2

This is Part 2 of the discussion regarding Critical Race Theory. This article is a continuation discussing Delgado and Stefancic’s discussion on “nationalism,” followed by a brief discussion of “white privilege."

The Problem With Critical Race Theory Pt 1

This influence is in American academia in the college syllabi that seek to understand history, literature, religion, etc. through lenses that critique capitalism, Christianity, individualism, and social conservatism.

Augustine’s Political Theology

The Augustinian anthropology of sin contained an ethical implication. Members of the City of God have a duty to love God, for this alone restores peace and order to their beings.

Groen’s Conservative Political Theory

Forsaking the supremacy of the divine, transcendent moral order as authoritative standard for societal and political arrangements in favor of the supremacy of man conflicts with divine ordinances and leads to anarchy from which government tyranny alone offers liberation.

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