Kids are sponges. No one needs proof about this. We just know that the large majority of kids soak up everything they encounter. Languages come naturally to kids it seems like. My 6 cousins ranging from ages 3-10 recently moved to Brazil for missions work. These 6 kids caught on so fast. Within 5 months, they were translating for me when I went to visit them this past summer. They learn so fast! Unfortunately, kids also pick up and learn behavior that is not conducive to Christian living.


[The first most important above all else, even with what follows, is the child’s relationship with the Lord. Without Christ they are lost completely.]


Children will learn what their role is in life through the ones they are most around (parents, daycare, neighbors, and school). Knowing and following Christ is most important in the child’s life. What’s next after that? What they will do in life? What college they will go to? We as parents need to not forget this: One day, if the Lord wants, your child will grow up. They will become men and women. This culture says there is no difference between men and women (women being forced to sign up for the draft is next, don’t believe me? Type it in Google and see what pops up). Culture is saying that men can fit into women’s mold and women can fit into men’s mold. What they are not saying is the consequences of this belief.


Little girls must be raised to be women. Little boys must be raised to be men. What does this mean? What does this look like? What does the Bible say about this? Is it that important?


If women are to follow the authority of Christ, the church leaders, fathers, and husbands, why in the world are we pushing and encouraging them desperately to be leaders of the next generation? Why are we pushing them to not need men? Why are we loving the movie ‘Brave’ which promotes that women can be just as good and better than men at being men?


Please listen and think very deep about this. Women will never match up to men at being men….because guess what (pause for effect) women are not men. And the opposite is true as well. Men will never match up to women at being women because they aren’t women.


So the question I have is this, “Why did the first statement bother you if it did?” I could possibly have the answer. Because a year ago I would have had a big problem because I was taught wrong.


As a woman, I thought I was inferior to men for being a woman. So I looked down on womanhood, motherhood, and femininity. I fought tooth and nail to reject the essence of who God created me to be. I wanted to fit man’s mold. I was angry at God for making me a woman. I have heard this from so many women more and more that they thought this growing up too. What in the world?? Do boys grow up angry at God because God created them boys? I’m guessing they don’t as much because this culture values masculinity more than femininity. Being weaker is inferior, being beautiful is ‘dumb’ and ‘pointless’. Needing a man to complement what women don’t have is looked down on. No wonder stay at home moms should ‘do something important with their life.’ That is the biggest lie I ever believed. Next week, Lord willing, I will continue the thought that, no….we CAN’T afford to learn how to be women and men later in life…we have to teach and train kids how to be men and women now. While we can…. while they are sponges.


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