Weimar Republic and Gun Control

The Weimar Republic instituted compulsory gun registration. Every German had to report gun ownership to the state.

This was apparently no big deal at first, when the moderate Weimar Republic was still the ruling government in Germany. But then the Nazis took power and used the gun registry to identify and move against political opponents.

Don’t say it couldn’t happen here. So many are ready to throw the Bill of Rights out the window in pursuit of Socialism. So many others are resigned to abdicate their liberties quietly rather than speaking up or defending them. There is no reason in the world it could not happen here.

History has proven repeatedly that a disarmed populace is at the mercy of whoever seizes the government. And the same evil which leads some persons to murder others can fill the heart of governing officials too. When it does, and the power of the State turns against its own people, the results are horrific.

Once we surrender our God-given rights to possessing effective weapons, there is no going back.

Look elsewhere besides gun control. Look to promoting virtue, respect, honor, love, and self-discipline. Look to restoring the Christian faith, sincere prayer and repentance to public life in this country. And look to parents instilling their own children with the tools necessary to live healthy, well-adjusted, and appropriately, rather than abdicating their responsibilities.

But do not give the Progressives what they have been clamoring for in gun control for the past century. We know Progressives only want gun control so they can control us more broadly.

The core thought here was the core thought there.

Let me ask you. Why were the Nazis so evil? Were they just cartoonishly delighted in being bad? The answer is a resounding “no.” On the contrary, the Nazis thought they were doing the best thing in the world. They thought they were saving the world.

And the fundamental reason why the Nazis thought they were permitted to commit mass murder and genocide is the same fundamental reason, at its heart, why Progressives want to take away our guns, defend and subsidize abortion, promote socialized medicine, and all the rest.

The core thought here was the core thought there: that the State is ultimately responsible for the collective, and decides in a moral vacuum what is expedient, and who should live and die based on the needs of the many rather than on universal standards of justice and truth. In short, both Nazi Germany and Progressive Americans believe that the State gets to play God and say what is good and evil, and dictate even the most intimate parts of our lives for us.

Garrett Mullet

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Garrett and his wife Lauren live in Colorado with the six children born to them. If you’d like to read more from Garrett, he is a writer and the chief editor at On The Rocks.

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