I recently had a conversation with some folks about what side to err on when it comes to femininity and masculinity. This particular conversation revolved around how far one could stretch their feminine or masculine behaviors. Is it wrong for a woman to shoot guns? Can a man be a hair dresser? Can a woman ride a motorcycle? Can a man be a Danseur? Each of these things mentioned are not wrong or sinful in and of themselves. But where do we draw the line? At what point do we sit back and say that this woman is acting more like a man than a woman or this man is acting more like a woman than a man? I will argue that we cannot fully be dogmatic about one behavior pushing a man or woman across the line to inappropriate. But what side should we error on? I think it wise to error on the side of caution and to properly represent what gender God has made each and every one of to be.


The scales are set. Visualize one side represent masculine traits and the other side represents feminine traits. Each trait represents a brick…


Example 1: Should a man be a hair dresser? What masculine traits does the man have and what feminine traits does he have? Let’s say the man is 6’1, 200 lbs. of bulk muscle. He shoots guns with his buddies on the weekend and drives a diesel truck. He wears a light pink shirt on his off days. He protected his girlfriend when a mugger tried to mug her. Results: five masculine traits and two feminine traits. His masculinity can handle him being a hair dresser.


Example 2: Should a woman be a semi-truck driver? Let’s say the woman is overweight, doesn’t wear makeup, fixes her hair pretty, wears earrings, wears bulky clothes that she found in the men’s section, chews tobacco, and is very organized at home. Results: four masculine traits and three feminine traits. Her femininity cannot handle being a semi-truck driver.


How we dress, act, and behave will affect our attitudes and mentalities. If we lose masculinity and femininity we destroy the message of the gospel. Culture wants to rid or minimize the differences between men and women. “Let the child choose what gender they want to be.” These people obviously don’t realize the logical end to this allowance. How serious one’s sexuality is permeates deep into one’s soul. If a parent is letting their irrational, illogical four year old decide whether they want to fight against the way they were made and fight against God and nature, that child should be allowed to decide whether they want to smoke, do drugs, have sex, have an abortion, have whatever vaccine they want, have sugar and candy all day long because these things are nothing compared to one’s gender identity. And this leads to gender confused adults who do not know what gender they are supposed to emulate: The way God Himself intended. God was not confused when He decided someone would be born male or female. He did not make a mistake in His design.


We must not bend our gender to its breaking point. The scales are helpful to determine if one’s femininity or masculinity can handle that job, attire, hobby, toy, or mannerism. Our children must have clear delineations between men and women. For their own souls sake and most importantly for the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.