Do Women Today Idolize Children?

I recently heard a question asked if women these days idolize children too much. As a culture I would say the answer is a definite “no.” With legalized abortion and clinics still up and running, no children communities, and the increase in childless marriages, this culture does not idolize or even value children. As a nation, we hate children actually. I would say though that there are some people who treat their children as mini-gods and cow tow after them, letting them do whatever they want to do in the name of love (which it is not). But the way the question was asked seemed to not entail the extremes. It seemed as if the person asking had an average mom in mind who loved her kids and loved having lots of kids.

So here’s my thoughts.

I tried to explain, and now I would like to keep elaborating on, the fact that, there is an innate design that God made for women to bare and raise children; Eve never had the morning-after pill. It is a straight forward and natural conclusion that Eve had many children; and was fulfilled and happy in this, not “oppressed,” or “unhealthy.” But those times were back then, right? We are “advanced now,” whatever that means. This is 2015 right? God’s plan for having many children still holds true today. God’s plan of children being joy and a blessing is still true today. These are truths that are timeless; they never get old.

What we might be oversimplifying and viewing as idolization of having children, we might be mistaken as to what is, in fact, a God-given calling. Women are called to bear and raise children. When a woman has troubles having children, the whole world seems to stop. They will almost do anything to get pregnant. They will pay thousands and tens of thousands of dollar to be able to have children. Is this idolization? It definitely could be, but when it is seen as a calling in one’s life it makes sense that it will take a huge priority. When there is such a deep, innate, and sometimes physical pull (“biological clock ticking”) for a woman, it does not necessarily have to do with idolization.

There are of course the cultures where there is the practice of the worship of fertility and childbearing. It is outright, overt and intentional. As an American culture though, we are far from this. As a Christian culture, perhaps we should double check, after all, it’s better safe than sorry. But what is the standard? The Scriptures of course.
Women can come off as idolizing when they are always talking about having children, raising a family and what their current kids are doing. But is it not true that men are always talking about their careers and hobbies? What we spend the majority of our time doing, will drastically affect what is on our mind and, therefore, our tongues. It is not an easily discernible thing. Perhaps a woman is idolizing her children, but we do not know people’s hearts verily easily (1 Sam 16:7). Especially when the majority of the mom’s life revolves around the kids, which is what they will naturally talk about. When there is joy in having children one wishes to speak constantly about them. If what God says is true, that children are a blessing from the Lord, I would expect many women would be eager for many blessings, and find great joy in loving them and talking about them.

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