Women, Equality, and War

When will women learn that no matter what they do they will never be equal with men? Our culture fills the minds of men, women, and children that with enough gumption, hard work, and fortitude, women will be equal to men. “Equality” is the new buzz word. Men = Women. Women = Men. It’s no wonder there is so much gender confusion and dissatisfaction with both sexes roles and responsibility. It needs to be said quite plainly that women, no matter how hard they try, women will NEVER be equal to men. They will never equal men because they are not men.

“None of the eight women who remained in the Army Ranger training program passed the requirements” -U. S. Army

It’s therefore only logical to question if women will never be men, why are they trying so hard? Why are they trying to play the part? It’s quite futile. God has designed us all so beautifully and He has created us in His image: men and women. Even though both sexes are created in God’s image, both sexes are not created equal. Men are built differently than women. Women are built differently from men. Simple, right? I guess it’s not so simple because our country is still trying to continue the lie (for political correctness’ sake) that women can do anything men can do. This lie comes out in our own military. The United States Army. The military is trying to be so politically correct that they have thrown reason, research, and regard for men out the window. The big hubbub of women going through Ranger School is now in muck and mire because no women were able to pass the first phase. Three of these girls have an opportunity to try again at the end of June. I bet at least one doesn’t. Looking at pictures of these women disgusts me. These women are ugly. They are not representing beauty, femininity and womanhood. They are trying to be men. But they will never be men. There may be one “female” who ends up passing the course eventually.

Women and men are equal in their inherent worth, value, and dignity. Women are not equal to men at being men. Women going through the Ranger Course is the outflow of the pervasive mentality that seeks to breed confusion, rebellion, and an anti-authority framework.

Maybe we can start to repent of this madness. Start TRULY loving our daughters. Only cowards send women and children into combat. Only cowards.

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