Women’s Draft: Who is Doris Miller?

Who is Doris Miller? And what does he have to do with women being drafted?

Nations that use women for national defense, deserve none. It is cowardice and embarrassing to say that the men of a nation are not capable enough of protecting it. God, through His prophet, says in Nahum 3:13,

“Behold, your troops are like women in your midst. The gates of your land are wide open to your enemies…”

I wonder what God would say to our nation. Instead of men being like women, we have actual women serving as troops.

Women being drafted is big news now that women are “fully integrated.” Yet, there is a major key factor that is missing from the discussion. Ivory tower theologians who’ve never served have failed to catch this. All soldiers are combatants. In the army, all soldiers go through Basic Combat Training (BCT) before moving on to their primary MOS (military occupational specialty…their job). At BCT, soldiers learn tactics, maneuvering, and weapons proficiency. Why? Because all soldiers are “riflemen first.” Doris Miller was an example of this.

“What does it say about a nation that lets its women fight for them?”

Doris Miller was a sailor who served in the Navy during WWII. He became a hero when Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941. Without prior training, he took up a .50 caliber anti-aircraft machine gun and began to fire upon the Japanese fighter planes. He became a national hero. Miller was a combatant. But Miller was also a cook. That was his job–his “non-combatant” job. 

On one hand, it is good that there are those who desire to stand up against cowardice and fight against women being drafted. On the other hand, it is scary how many people call themselves “conservative” who have no problem with women in the military and no problem with women being drafted. 

The draft is not something we should be fighting about. Why? Because men have a moral obligation to protect women, children, and unborn children. Here is the point: there is no such thing as a “non-combatant” job in the armed forces. Doris Miller, a cook, drowned during combat. He was killed in action. Killed in combat. If women are being used to defend our nation, we have failed to protect them. 

A new soldier is trained to kill. ALL soldiers go through BCT. All soldiers are to be ready and able to deploy to a combat zone. If a woman will never see combat, why is she trained in combat at Basic Combat Training?

Even if a woman had a right to join the military; a woman’s right does not trump a man’s responsibility. Men are responsible to protect women, children, and unborn children. 

A woman can be pregnant for three months without even knowing it. During that time, a female soldier can be deployed and putting an unborn child at risk. This is another argument against women in the police force. Although the battle is practically lost in regards to protecting women in the military, it is still vital to stand against women in the military, in combat, and the draft. To some extent, the Presbyterian Church in America has done this as well as the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. 

Doris Miller is a hero. My hero. 

Daniel Mason

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Daniel Mason studied theology in his undergrad, and currently pursuing graduate studies, with a particular interest in the Dutch statesman, Groen van Prinsterer. Daniel Mason is the co-founder of The Reformed Conservative.

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